Animal oil refining complete equipment

Animal oil refining equipment, animal oil refining equipment, oil refining, “refining animal oil” is the general term for a series of processes that remove solid impurities, free fatty acids, phospholipids, gums, waxes, and peculiar smells contained in animal oils. The complete set of equipment for animal oil refining can be divided into wet refining method and dry refining method. The wet refining method mostly uses high-pressure steam cooking to complete the oil extraction. The equipment is intermittent, labor-intensive, complex in equipment operation, and wastewater is generated.

Animal meat and fat melting dry refining methods mostly use a semicircular heating pot to complete the oil extraction. The outer shape of the pot is mostly semicircular, with a transmission and stirring inside. After the meat and fat are melted, the oil residue is manually removed with a filter and placed after the melting is completed. The oil is out of the pot, the equipment is simple, the investment is small, the output is small, and the small-scale intermittent production. The safety factor is low. After the meat is cooked, it contains more water. After the oil is heated, the oil splashes, which is easy to injure the staff.

Continuous animal meat and fat-melting equipment are our company’s patented products. According to social needs, people have a large demand for animal oil. The use of small batch processing equipment cannot meet the needs of the society. We use our own R&D team, process design, equipment production, Feeding test machine, normal operation of equipment, etc., designed a set of fully continuous animal meat and grease melting equipment with higher production efficiency.

Through the actual production and operation in recent years, it has been strongly praised by customers. The equipment processing technology is continuously fed. After the meat is chopped through the continuous meat chopper, it enters the continuous animal meat and fat melting system, and is heated by high-temperature heat transfer oil. It is melted in the equipment, and there is a transmission device that continuously turns inside, and there is a continuous slag discharging system for discharging.

The equipment is enclosed, easy to operate, convenient to maintain, and labor saving. The process adopts a button electric cabinet automatic control system.

The engineering specifications of the complete set of equipment for melting and refining animal fat produced by our company: 1~500T/D

Application fields of this equipment: beef fat, mutton fat, lard, chicken fat, duck fat, animal offal and other animal fats.

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