Camellia oil processing equipment

Tea seed oil equipment is divided into cold pressing and hot pressing two pressing methods

(1) Tea seed kernel cold pressing technology to make oil

Cold pressing process
QIE grain oil tea seed oil cold pressing technology is to enter the oil press at a lower temperature after the oil is tempered. The cold pressed tea seed oil produced by our company’s technology and technology has a low acid value, and precise temperature and moisture control are guaranteed. The original characteristics of cold-pressed oil are avoided, the adverse effects of traditional high-temperature oil pressing processing are avoided, the flavor and color of tea seed oil are retained, the useful substances in the oil are retained, and the tea seed cake produced can also be fully obtained. Of use. The crude oil produced by the cold-pressed oil production process of Camellia oleifera seeds in our company is of good quality, energy saving, low operating cost, low equipment investment, small footprint, and is widely praised by users.

(2) Hot-squeezed tea seed oil technology

Hot pressing process
Changing the water and temperature of tea seeds by steaming and frying can greatly increase the oil yield of tea seeds, reduce the oil content in the cake, obviously increase the flavor of the oil, and increase the economic benefits of enterprise production.

(3) Tea seed pre-expression extraction technology

QIE Grain and Oil Tips: This process is suitable for projects above 30T/D. High-quality tea seed virgin oil can be obtained by pre-pressing, and this part of the oil has high nutritional value. The pressed tea seed cake is crushed and enters the cake extraction equipment. The residual oil of the tea seed meal after the extraction equipment will be reduced to about 1%. The extracted tea seed oil can be refined and sold as edible oil. The pre-expression and extraction process can greatly increase the oil yield of tea seeds and increase the economic benefits of enterprise production.

(4) Tea seed oil refining

Crude oil is refined to remove impurities such as colloid, acid value, pigment, etc. that affect the quality of the oil, remove impurities to ensure the quality of the oil, and also improve the shelf life of the oil. Tea seed oil contains about 10% of saturated fatty acids. Through winterization and dewaxing, the content of saturated fatty acids can be greatly reduced, thereby improving the quality of oil, greatly increasing the content of unsaturated acids in tea seed oil, and producing more High-quality tea seed dewaxing oil improves the economic benefits of production enterprises. Our company can provide batch refining process, semi-continuous refining process and full continuous refining process.

How to choose tea seed oil processing equipment?

If you choose the right direction, then 60% is right. If it can be more perfect, it is whether the equipment for producing and processing tea seed oil meets your own concept, whether it can meet your own requirements, and whether the product quality is satisfactory. Our company is responsible for giving you a few suggestions.

①Choose an established company, at least the company has been established for more than 15 years. Such enterprises have rich experience and strong processing and manufacturing capabilities. QIE Grain and Oil Machinery Company was established in 1999, and the equipment production plant covers an area of more than 100 acres.

②The selected company must have the manufacturing qualification of related equipment. Our company has a national first-class and second-class pressure vessel special equipment manufacturing license!

③The selected company has done relevant tea seed oil extraction projects. Our company has done many tea seed oil turnkey projects!

④The selected company has its own R&D team, for example, the main equipment has design patents. Such a high-quality enterprise can provide better technical guarantee for your processing.

For more information about tea seed oil production and processing equipment, please consult us in detail.