Complete equipment for oil extraction

The main features of the complete set of equipment for oil extraction: easy installation, high safety performance, high degree of operation automation, low power consumption, and good extraction effect.

Process flow: The pretreatment material is sent by the scraper conveyor to the sealed auger of the extraction workshop, and then falls into the flat-rotation extractor, and is leached by the solvent or mixed oil spray. After draining, the wet meal falls into the meal hopper and passes through The scraper conveyor enters the steaming machine through the sealed screw auger. After the solvent is removed by steaming and baking, it is transported to the finished meal storehouse. The concentrated mixed oil filtered by the filter in the extractor flows into the mixed oil tank, and then enters a long tube evaporator to separate the solvent vapor, and then enters the second long tube evaporator. After the solvent vapor is separated again, it flows into the stripper to remove residual Solvent, the obtained leached crude oil enters the crude oil tank and is sent to the oil refining workshop. The solvent vapor from one long pipe and two long pipe evaporators, stripping towers, flat-rotating leaching devices, and evaporators are introduced into the condenser for condensation, and the condensed liquid flows into the water separator for water separation, and the separated solvent is returned to In the solvent turnover warehouse. The waste water discharged from the water separator and the solvent turnover warehouse flows into the boiling water tank for cooking and then is discharged to the water sealing tank. The free gas in the upper part of each equipment is collected and condensed in the condenser, and the uncondensed gas enters the absorption tower to capture the solvent again.

The main specifications of our complete set of oil extraction equipment: daily processing 20 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons, 300 tons, 450 tons, 600 tons, 800 tons

The main equipment of the complete set of leaching equipment: flat-rotation extractor, steaming off machine, condenser, long tube evaporator, stripping tower, absorption tower, scraper conveyor, sealed auger, etc.

Zhengzhou QIE has rich experience, good technology and equipment, and has the advantages of high efficiency, economy and reliability. Box-type, ring-shaped and flat-rotation leaching equipment can adapt to different raw materials and grease leaching processes. It can be equipped with an automatically controlled wet meal melting machine to ensure the uniform quality of the product. The negative pressure evaporation system of the mixed oil effectively utilizes the secondary steam, and the low-temperature evaporation ensures the color of the oil. Various forms of tail gas recovery systems such as refrigeration and paraffin can meet the needs of different customers and ensure solvent consumption.