Flaxseed oil squeezing complete equipment

Product introduction:

Flax seeds (flax seeds) are the seeds of the ancient fiber crop flax, which can be used to squeeze oil, and the oil content is quite a lot. We are specializes in the production of various oil press equipment, screw presses, hydraulic oil presses, complete sets of extraction and refining equipment, etc. The models are complete, and suitable solutions can be tailored according to the actual situation for customers to choose.

linseed oil can be produced by cold pressing and hot pressing, or by leaching equipment for oil production. Whether it is squeezed or leached, the flaxseed oil produced must be refined by oil refining equipment before it can be consumed. Cold-pressed linseed oil is also called low-temperature pressing. The linseed oil is squeezed and processed in an environment of no higher than 40 degrees, and then refined through filtration, dewaxing and other processes. The color is golden and smells with a light linseed fragrance.

The linseed oil produced by the cold pressing technology of QIE Grain and Oil Machinery Company retains the nutrient essence of linseed. It does not use fire or steaming. The raw materials are directly pressed after cleaning. All refining processes are prevented at room temperature below 40 degrees. High-temperature oxidation, cold-pressed linseed oil has no peculiar smell, and no other pigments produced by high-temperature oxidation. When refining cold-pressed linseed oil, all refining equipment, process pipelines, valves, storage tanks, etc. use stainless steel materials to prevent iron Ions and copper ions accelerate the oxidation of linseed oil.

It is the key to choose the equipment when cold pressing linseed oil. When choosing the equipment, find multiple manufacturers online or other channels for understanding and comparison. It is necessary to visit to see if it is the manufacturer and the oil produced. What is the quality of the equipment? Look at the service attitude, and also understand the reputation of the manufacturer to see if it is a manufacturer with good faith. Only in this way can we purchase cost-effective equipment.

Zhengzhou QIE Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. is a veteran manufacturer of oil and fat equipment for more than 30 years. All kinds of oil pressing equipment sell well at home and abroad. The product quality, technical level and after-sales service are very good. We have free technical training, installation and commissioning. After signing the contract with the customer, we have a good reputation for efficiency and good faith management. We welcomes your consultation.