Peony seed oil production equipment

Peony seed oil complete equipment, peony seed oil processing equipment, peony seed oil refining equipment, our company can provide!

Process flow of peony seed peeling and cold pressing complete equipment:

Peony seeds—cleaning—measurement—peeling—separation of kernel and shell—drying—cold pressing—filtering—metering—cold pressing oil

Major equipment:

Cleaning screens, dryers, peeling machines, cold presses, filters, etc.

main feature:

(1) The cold pressing complete set of equipment developed by QIE Grain and Oil Machinery Company is mainly cold pressing, but also hot pressing.

(2) Using the hulling and pressing technology, the pressed oil is light in color and low in acid value.

(3) The nutrients are fully maintained.

(4) The cold press has a large output and low residual oil.

(5) The workshop production line has a high degree of automation, and it can also be operated by touch screen or computer.

Process flow of peony seed oil extraction equipment:

Peony seed cake—extraction—filtration—evaporation—stripping—crude oil

main feature:

There are three processes for users to choose from: No. 6 solvent oil micro-negative pressure leaching, No. 4 solvent oil low-temperature extraction and supercritical extraction.

Peony seed oil physical refining complete equipment

Physical oil refining is a special project of Zhengzhou QIE Grain and Oil Machinery Company. We have developed many proprietary and patented technologies and have very rich practical experience in oil refining equipment, and we will process special oils such as rice bran oil, cottonseed oil, and animal oil that are difficult to process. The process is applied to oil and has achieved good results. Consult to purchase a complete production line of peony seed oil.

Our company’s peony seed oil refining adopts physical refining technology. According to the output size, it can choose semi-continuous and full-continuous forms. The whole set of equipment including pipeline valves are made of stainless steel.

Deacidification and deodorization is a distillation physical process, equipped with a patented product combination deacidification and deodorization tower developed by our company. The tower has the functions of physical deacidification and benzoic removal, which can reduce the consumption of refined caustic soda and activated carbon. It effectively guarantees the peroxide value and avoids the color and acid reversion of the oil under high temperature. After the development of the tower by our company, it set off the trend of upgrading and upgrading of deacidification and deodorization equipment in the industry.

The refined oil produced by our company’s peony oil refining equipment can reach the national first-class oil standard. Key indicators such as color, acid value, benzo ratio, peroxide value, and trans fatty acids can meet national standards, with low loss and low production costs. Good economic benefits!