Rapeseed oil squeezing and refining complete equipment

Our company has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture, research and development and installation of rapeseed oil extraction and refining equipment. By combining modern technology with traditional technology, the process of rapeseed oil production line can be adjusted to produce concentrated caraway oil and Parsley seed oil.

Rapeseed oil pressing equipment technology:
Rapeseed—cleaning—rolling embryo (optional)—fried seeds (steamed and fried)—squeezed oil—coarse filtration—filtered—squeezed crude oil

Our company’s rapeseed oil squeezing equipment retains the aroma of rapeseed oil through precise temperature control and avoids harmful substances generated by high temperature. Reasonable steaming and frying moisture ensures the oil yield of rapeseed oil and has a lower acid value. The cake has a better color, which is convenient for subsequent refining of rapeseed oil.

Rapeseed oil refining equipment technology:
Crude oil—filtering—degumming—alkali refining—washing—decoloring—filtering—gassing—deodorizing—filtering—refined product oil

For rapeseed oil refining equipment, our company pioneered the control of the refining temperature, vacuum degree, addition of auxiliary materials and reaction time, which greatly reduced the cost of water and electricity consumption during the refining process. Under the condition of saving costs, the oil obtained is transparent. The acid value, peroxide value, etc. still meet the national standards for coriander seed oil, while retaining the aroma of rapeseed, which caters to the tastes of consumers to the greatest extent. Our company has intermittent refining equipment, semi-continuous refining equipment, and continuous refining equipment. It can meet the refining requirements of various tonnages.