Rice bran oil extraction equipment

The market price of rice oil/rice bran oil is relatively high, the profit value space is large, and user investment is also a very good project. What is the reason why rice oil is so hot? What kind of equipment is used to process rice oil? Which rice bran oil processing equipment is more suitable?

1. Why does rice oil/rice bran oil catch fire?

Rice oil/rice bran oil is not only due to the new type of edible oil in the market, but also adapts to the development of oils and the nutritional requirements of consumers. There are many labels for rice oil: non-GMO, rich in nutrients, balanced fatty acids, etc. It is in line with the health requirements of the current oil and fat market, and the market demand for rice bran oil is also a trend. Major oil and fat processing plants, such as a fish, a certain company and other companies have increased their production and market launch of rice bran oil. Taking a fancy to the broad development prospects of rice bran oil, the current investment of users is a good time.

2. Which equipment is used for processing rice bran oil?

The oil content of rice bran is not high. It is a good choice to make oil by leaching method to obtain higher oil yield. Our rice bran oil leaching equipment is the optimal equipment for rice oil processing plants. The oil rate is high, the user makes one investment, long-term use, and long-term profit. Rice bran oil processing is recommended to take pre-expansion, and then send it to the extraction equipment for extraction. After the crude oil is extracted, it will go through the refining equipment refining process to achieve healthy rice bran oil. What people see in the market and eat daily is basically Refined rice bran oil.

3. Investment in rice oil/rice bran oil processing, which equipment to choose?

There are not a few domestic rice oil/rice bran oil processing equipment manufacturers, but there are not a few strong manufacturers. Zhengzhou QIE Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. is the leader of domestic leaching oil equipment brands, and the Penguin brand can be seen in many leaching oil plants across the country. Silhouette. Penguin grain and oil machinery manufacturer has more than 30 years of production experience in grain and oil equipment. The new factory covers an area of ​​more than 150 acres. It has strong technical strength, strong brand influence and high market reputation. The equipment is sold at home and abroad, and is widely recognized and trusted by users. , Invest in rice oil/rice bran oil processing, purchase leaching equipment production lines, refining equipment, Zhengzhou QIE manufacturer is the best choice. Users are welcome to come to visit and visit, for more product information, please consult us.

Rice oil equipment, also known as rice bran oil equipment.

Rice oil equipment is mainly divided into three workshops: puffing workshop, leaching workshop and refining workshop.

1. Puffing workshop equipment

1) The main equipment of the puffing workshop includes:

Chaff separating sieve, softening and tempering pot, puffing machine, plate dryer, etc.

2) Puffing process:

Rice bran—bran separation—softening and tempering—puffing—drying—into the leaching workshop.

3) Process introduction:

The by-product rice bran of the rice mill is separated from the bran and enters the pretreatment workshop of the oil extraction plant. First, it is cleaned to remove impurities. The magnetic separator selects iron impurities and enters the extruder for expansion. The expanded rice bran is due to moisture The content is relatively high and needs to be lifted to a plate dryer for drying and then transported to the leaching workshop by a scraper.

2. Equipment of leaching workshop

1) The main equipment of the leaching workshop includes: extractor, evaporator, stripper, steaming machine, condenser, etc.

2) The leaching process:

Rice bran grains—solvent extraction—mixed oil—evaporation—stripping—rice bran crude oil

Rice bran contains soluble wet meal—steamed off—finished meal

3) The puffed rice bran grains enter the extractor, the mixed oil is extracted by organic solvent, and the solvent is evaporated to obtain crude rice bran oil through evaporation and air stripping. The rice bran after the oil is extracted by the solvent becomes the bran meal, and the finished meal after the solvent is steamed off.

3. Refining workshop equipment

1) Main refining sections: degumming, dewaxing, decolorization, deacidification, deodorization, and degreasing

2) Simple process:

Rice bran oil — degumming, washing, drying — dewaxing — decoloring — deacidification, deodorization — degreasing — finished oil.

3) The crude rice bran oil will become refined oil after heating water and phosphoric acid degumming, winterization dewaxing, alkali refining and deacidification, adding white clay for decolorization, vacuum deodorization and degreasing.

The oil obtained by extraction and separation of rice oil through squeezing or leaching processes is called rice oil. It is divided into two types: rice bran oil and rice oil: the oil extracted from rice bran (the protective cortex of rice, such as the skin, seed coat, ecto-endosperm, etc.) is rice bran oil, and from rice (rice embryo and aleurone layer in clean production The oil extracted from the precise rice milling product in the workshop is Mizhen oil.