Which equipment is necessary for the complete edible oil production line?

The edible oil production line is divided into two types: oil extraction and pre-expression extraction equipment according to the process;

There are two main vegetable oils in my country: herbal oils and woody oils.
Herbal oils include: soybean, peanut, cottonseed, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower seed, etc.;
Woody oils include: camellia seed, coconut, walnut, olive, tung oil and so on.

Different raw materials and seeds require different processes and different equipment;

Such as cottonseed, cottonseed→cleaning-→delinting-→peeling-→separation of kernel and hull-→softening-→embroidery-→steaming-→pre-pressing (squeezing)-→refining→filling→labeling→coding, etc. ;

Soybean-→ cleaning-→ crushing-→ softening-→ rolling embryo-→ drying-→ leaching → refining → filling → labeling → coding, etc.
However, the complete production line process sections of all oils are classified in the same way. Oil pretreatment equipment-→ oil pressing equipment (pre-expression extraction equipment) → refining equipment → filling equipment (according to the degree of intelligence required by oneself, filling machine, coding Machine. Capping machine, capping machine, palletizing, etc. optional)

1. The pretreatment of the oil includes the processes of cleaning, delinting, peeling, drying, crushing, softening, rolling and steaming of the oil. Depending on the characteristics of the raw materials, the required equipment is different; the oil will be mixed with some impurities such as sand, soil, stems and leaves, and iron during the process of harvesting, drying, transporting and storing. Disadvantageously, the pretreatment equipment is mainly used to remove the three major categories of impurities contained in the oil: inorganic impurities, organic impurities, and oil-containing impurities.

2. Oil pressing equipment; hydraulic oil press, screw oil press, screw hot press, screw cold press, low temperature oil press, etc.; (Required)

3. Refining equipment; if you want to circulate the fried oil, you must have a certificate, and the refining equipment is a must

4. There are too many filling equipments now too cheap